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Soluciones MYSPHERA

«We are proud to announce that the EC has identified MYSPHERA as a potential contributor to help us fight the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and its devastating effects, and to participate in the #MyEUresearch initiative to provide solutions to the health emerging crisis in the coming 6 months, and/or making our health and socio-economic systems more resilient and better prepared to address the negative consequences of this outbreak in the next 12 to 18 months. Spreading our #OR40 @EUeic project scope, we are proud to present the ATLAS initiative».

The current COVID-19 pandemic is threatening our main defense against the virus, health staff. MYSPHERA ATLAS is an APP to control and take measures as promptly as posible in the event of an outbreak within the health center. Therefore, it is posible to protect our health professionals, as well as isolate all the staff and patients who may have been exposed.

Hospital-acquired infections, those contracted during hospital stays, are a known and common problem. As there is a great variety of patients with different pathologies, the most infectious ones may represent a risk to other patients and even health care staff.

These diseases are caused by microbial agents (bacteria, virus, yeast or parasites) that could lead to three types of infection:
• Endogenous (by the patient’s own bacteria)
• Exogenous (due to certain facilities)
• Cross-contamination

To deal with this problema, the health system have policies and action manuals to monitor and control possible outbreaks. Among the protocols and mechanisms are: an Infection Control Comittee, an Infection Control Team and a manual to be followed in case of contagion.

Measures that until now could be effective against known infections. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has completely transformed the situation. Its high rate of infection and the lack of specific treatment have far exceded the protocols and the current health emergency situation is seriously compromising the health of our main protection against the virus, medical staff.

MYSPHERA ATLAS is and APP that aims to protect those health workers from possible sources of infection. MYSPHERA’s solution is an application installed in the smartphone of the staff that works in the backgroung collectiong information of all interactions maitained, both with other professionals that have the APP and with patients with an identification bracelet.

So, in the event of possible infectious disease, both the Comitee and the Infectious Control Team are able to obtain in real-time all the people who has been exposed and therefore isolate the outbreak as promptly as possible.

In a medical emergency such as the present one, it is necessary to have tools that can be implemented immediately and with lowest deployment in the the hospital área. MYSPHERA ATLAS only requires the distribution of the identification bracelets (tags) among the patients and the APP for the health staff.

In addition, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, the solution’s storage is combined, with encrypted data in the cloud and análisis and integration with the centre’s server. An easy deployment that doesn’t need connection with the hospital’s WiFi network.

Advantatges that allow the system to be extensible to other hospitals that also use the solution, thus being able to control possible cross-contamination between hospitals due to the mobility of both professionals and patients.

The easy deployment of the system is very useful in the short and médium term (when the current situation stabilizes and localized outbreaks need to be controlled), but also in the long term. Since combining the APP with MYSPHERA Traceability Solution (RTLS) means going one step further and achieve digital traceability not only by staff interactions, but also by área and equipment.

Save time.
Improve care.