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    20328 VALUE – Value based healthcare supported by process mining tools

    Defeating patient illness and restoring health to the patient is the dominating concept on which the provision of health services by most centers is managed. Increasing prevalence of chronic disease among the population is jeopardizing the sustainability of the current healthcare system. Value-Based Health Care (VBHC) proposes an approach to care providers to deliver healthcare services, providing value to the patients while keeping healthcare sustainable. The VBHC supports implementing the quadruple aim of healthcare, increasing the engagement of patients, addressing the continuum of care and aligning cost to effectiveness of care. Digital transformation is a must to implement VBHC models, which enables the process of extracting knowledge from data to help on decision-making. However, this transformation is not simple, and there are problems of acceptance. These come from difficulty in the usability of the solutions, which handle a language not shared by the different actors, and a black-box approach that usually follow the tools that does not explain the steps carried out, an issue of particular importance in the clinical field.


    VALUE solution proposes a new framework to enable the collaboration of the clinical, technical, and management staff to adopt VBHC approaches. It includes a technological product and a method to foster the discussion among all the actors involves in the healthcare delivery.


    MYSPHERA participates, as external partner, in activities related to use cases and pilots, impact assesment of the system and business opportunity creation.


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    By: Mireya Lázaro