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    The conclusions of the MYSPHERA-UPV Chair compiled in the book: « Transition from COVID-19 to the new normal »

    Four important webinars with professionals of the sector with relevant conclusions that have been covered by the media.
    The web seminars included in the MYSPHERA-UPV Chair, held in June and July, brought together leading professionals from the social and health sector to discuss current issues related to the current pandemic: social and health traceability, the challenges of the system, the difficulties it has entailed for professionals and even the difficulties faced by the elderly people.
    Very important topics that will be collected in the next book in which not only will be exposed the conversions carried out during the webinars, but also in-depth interviews with each of the professionals who have participated. Interviews where each one of them will contribute with their vision about what has happened, what is about to come and how we can face this new normality that has come to stay.


    Conclusions so relevant that they have been collected by some media and which highlight, among others, statements from Juan Antonio Hueto, coordinator of Surgical Processes of the Hospitals of the Institut Català de Salut. Dr. Hueto, in his intervention in the last web seminar: « ICT as a protective element against new pandemics in the health sector », announced that it is possible that normality would not arrive for another two years.
    MYSPHERA-UPV Chair in Media
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    Hueto also said that « the pandemic has made us see that the Spanish health system was not as strong as we thought, due, among other reasons, to the decapitalization to which it has been subjected in recent years.
    Other participants in the webinars also expressed concern about this lack of preparation, such as José Pagan, Professor of Public Health at New York University and Director of the Board of Governors of the New York City Hospital System; or Julio Jesús Sánchez, leader of the Digital Healthcare project team.
    All of them agree that technology and digital transformation will be key to recovering the old normality and shielding the social-health system from health threats similar to the present one. Because while it is true that the COVID-19 has been the first major global pandemic of the 21st century, what most experts agree is that it will not be the last.

    MYSPHERA-UPV Chair webinar series book

    Soon all the webinars included in the MYSPHERA-UPV Chair> will be collected in a book that will also include exclusive interviews with each of the participants.
    Webinars & Speakers at the MYSPHERA-UPV Chair webinar series

    By: Mireya Lázaro


    University Chair