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    This project is part of the coordinated action for the prevention of child obesity led by the Fundación de Investigación del Hospital General de València y Las Naves (Research Foundation of the General Hospital of Valencia and Las Naves) with the aim of implementing a training programme for the prevention of obesity from school.


    The Esc@la Salut solution comprises a set of technological tools that support the implementation of the Program for the Integral Care of Childhood Obesity (PAIDO), developed by the Unit against Obesity and Cardiovascular Risk in Children and Adolescents (URCV) belonging to the Pediatric Service of the Consortium of the General University Hospital of Valencia (CHGUV).


    The Esc@la Salut APP is an e-learning APP based on the knowledge of medical experts, teachers and developers that aims to facilitate the teaching of healthy habits among school children between 8 and 12 years old and their families. At the same time, it also allows for the development of healthy habit interventions with clinical patients in health centres. By improving family habits, the aim is to prevent the development of overweight and obesity in a large group of the population.


    MYSPHERA is responsible for the development of the tools defined in this coordinated action.



    30/07/2021 ACTIVAGE

    Data obtained by LOCS under the ACTIVAGE project helps to develop a study on energy poverty

    The Valencian television Apunt and the newspaper Levante echo this analysis that connects energy vulnerability with the health risks for the elderly in Valencia.   ▶ See Apunt feature 📰See Levante article   Our LOCS system, used within the framework of the ACTIVAGE project, continues to provide valuable data such as the study carried out …

    30/10/2020 ACTIVAGE

    After three years of the world’s largest pilot experience in the field of digital care for the elderly, ACTIVAGE demonstrates the positive impact of technology on their quality of life

    Europe’s biggest project for the application of the Internet of Things (IoT) for elderly care and active ageing presents its results   – ACTIVAGE Press Release –    The results of ACTIVAGE show that technology can not only promote an active ageing, but also can do so cost-effectively by optimizing and relieving social services intelligently. …

    06/10/2020 ACTIVAGE

    Discover the impact of IoT technology on active ageing during the ACTIVAGE VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE DAY

    This online event will take place on October 21st, where attendees will be able to discover more about the ACTIVAGE project and all its results   One of the European Union’s main commitments is to innovation. This innovation involves applying all the tools available to us, such as IOT technology, to the areas and segments …

    15/05/2020 ACTIVAGE

    The health crisis opens the debate on care and assistance for the elderly

    The pandemic highlights the need for active and healthy ageing. Despite the fact that the official figures may not be 100% accurate, the numbers are still shocking: currently the COVID-19 pandemic in Spain has left 10,765 elderly people dead in care homes and at least 19,714 elderly people are still infected within these centres. Statistics …

    10/07/2017 ACTIVAGE


    The IERC has published the 8th edition of the Cluster book “Cognitive Hyperconnected Digital Transformation – Internet of Things Intelligence Evolution”, printed by River Publishers. The book provides an overview of the current Internet of Things (IoT) landscape, ranging from research, innovation and development priorities to enabling technologies in a global context. It is intended …

    19/01/2017 ACTIVAGE


    • The ACTIVAGE Project funded with 20 million euros to be carried out as part of the European Commission’s H2020 programme is being showcased in Madrid. • This initiative is being coordinated by Medtronic and involves 49 partners, 10 of which are industrial, 14 leading research institutes or universities and 11 major corporations plus 15 …

    21/03/2016 ACTIVAGE

    What is ActivAge project?

    ACTIVAGE is a European Multi Centric Large Scale Pilot on Smart Living Environments. The main objective is to build the first European IoT ecosystem across 9 Deployment Sites (DS) in seven European countries, reusing and scaling up underlying open and proprietary IoT platforms, technologies and standards, and integrating new interfaces needed to provide interoperability across …