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Innovation & News

Our innovation department aims at creating new knowledge, competencies and competitive advantages in trend technologies such as IoT, Big Data and AI in healthcare and active ageing environments. We are leaders and technology providers in several HORIZON 2020 international projects that give us a look of Healthcare IT future.

14/09/2020 ORVital

EMR 4.0: The digital transformation of the Emergency Department with ORVital

The unexpected arrival of the COVID-19 has brought many changes and obstacles to life as we knew it. In fact, one of the areas that has been most affected by the virus and where it has caused the most chaos is in the health area. The consequences are diverse and numerous: overloading of the system, …

15/07/2020 ORVital

ORVital shortlisted as the best healthcare innovation in 2020

OR4.0 has a new market name, ORVital. Our new solution has been shortlisted by the next European Healthcare Design Awards as the best “Design Innovation for Quality Improvement” solution.     The process of transformation spurred by our new solution ORVital started by following a co-creation approach with all the key stakeholders in the surgical …

13/07/2020 ORVital

The “new normal” of waiting lists: Waiting time could be tripled after COVID-19

Having left behind the state of alarm and the different phases of de-escalation, Spain is gradually entering the so-called ‘new normality’. A normality marked by masks, hand hygiene, social distance and, above all, the consequences left by the pandemic. Consequences that affect all social spheres, but which have been especially severe in the health sector …

08/07/2020 ORVital

ORVital 4.0 & the Crisis and Post-crisis Management

Today most countries in Europe are recovering from the terrible period of COVID-19 crisis. After these tense and uncertain weeks marked by the pandemic and constant emergency, we are coming back to some degrees of the ancient normality. However, it is obvious for everybody that things will never be the same.   After the feeling …

08/07/2020 ORVital

Crisis and Post-crisis Management in HPSJ by means of ORVital 4.0

1. Global presentation of the solution   The ORVital4.0 solution is a digital platform which makes it possible to manage and supervise in real time the different hospital flows (patients, equipment, materials, rooms, messages and tasks) and to ensure their traceability. To achieve this objective, it relies, among other technologies, on the wireless and contactless …

23/06/2020 ORVital

MYSPHERA invited at EHMA’s conference 2020

MYSPHERA introduced the Operating Room 4.0 project (OR4.0) in the last edition of the European Healthcare Management Association (EHMA) Conference in 2019 in Finland raising the awareness about the profound transformation this solution is exerting in several hospitals. This year, the EHMA has accepted an abstract and invited MYSPHERA to present the final results.   …

26/05/2020 ORVital

GREEN OR4.0, heading to the green cognitive surgical area

In high-income countries, the carbon footprint of health-care systems has been estimated to be 3–10% of the total national greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions1. A recent report revealed that the NHS produces 5.4% of the UK’s GHG emissions. This represents 25% of total public sector emissions, equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions of 11 coal-fired power …

07/04/2020 ORVital

The Post-Pandemic Healthcare Challenge: Restoring Normal Medical Processes

The collapse of the health system and its effects on medical care   Since its spreading through Spain, the COVID-19 has not only confined citizens due to an unprecedented state of emergency in the country, but has also pushed many health centres to the limits of their resources.   The pandemic causes a large number …

15/07/2019 ORVital

MYSPHERA introduces its IoT solution for surgical processes in China

The Jiangsu region is a foundational part of China, and Nanjing, one of its most avant-garde capitals, not only in the region but also at the national level. With more than eight million inhabitants, the city is committing to innovation by strategically projecting different universities and research centres throughout the city in cutting-edge technological areas …

21/03/2019 ORVital

What is OR4.0 project?

OR4.0 is a software tool that takes the information provided by the RTLS network in order to run any surgical process in an adaptable workflow software platform. This tool provides specific digital applications for all the different players participating in the surgical process, which includes OR managers, anaesthesiologists, nurses in the pre- and post-operative phase, …