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MYSPHERA Hardware Innovation Project

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MYSPHERA Hardware Innovation Project

MYSPHERA Hardware Innovation Project

Study and development of positional location tags for people and teams in a medical-hospital and social environment.

The main objective of the project is the study, design and development of the components of the positional location system of people and assets in interiors for use in a medical-hospital environment incorporating as an added value new features, both ergonomics and specifications, they will allow a series of innovations additional functionalities detected as necessary for our clients.

Project goals are:

• To guarantee that the location and communication systems are reliable from the point of view of signal stability, fluidity, no interference, etc.

• Provide the best conditions of usability, both when improving the user experience and when guaranteeing hygienic and sanitary conditions due to its handling and handling. This factor is key to achieving acceptance and “resignation” of the patient who does not see these devices as invasive and assumes them as another element that will accompany him in his treatment and / or hospital stay.

Save time.
Improve care.