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Innovación MYSPHERA

For some months now, MYSPHERA’s innovation team, led by Sergio Guillén, our innovation director, has been involved in the ODIN project.


As part of the actions defined by this European project, which seeks to use robotics, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and other key technologies to improve the optimization of information flows through the hospital, clinical and management processes in order to improve efficiency, patient safety and hospital digitalization, there is a webinar program called: The Hospital of the Future 360º.

The third webinar of this program will take place on 9 December at 1 PM CET. Under the theme Rehabilitation and Assistive Robots, experts in the field will discuss past, present, and future from medical robots to healthcare assistants and intelligent machines replacing or supporting human functions in the hospital. Robots and humans are getting closer and closer, collaborating and interacting physically and cognitively. Thanks to the AI and sensors, the next generation of robots in the hospital will be able to learn, reason, make decisions and change their behavior in a complete user-tailored and human-centric perspective.

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More about the ODIN Project


ODIN vision is that as Evidence-Based Medicine revolutionized medicine with data-driven procedures, so data-driven management (enabled by Industry 4.0 tech) can revolutionize hospital management


Eleven hospital critical challenges have been identified, which ODIN will face combining robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to empower workers, medical locations, logistics, and interaction with the
territory. ODIN will deploy technologies along three lines of intervention: empowering workers (AI, cybernetics and bionics), introducing autonomous and collaborative robots and enhancing medical locations with IoT. These
areas of intervention will be piloted in six hospitals (in Spain, France, Italy, Poland, The Netherland, Germany), via seven use cases, spanning from clinical to logistic, including patient management, disaster preparedness, and
hospital resiliency.ODIN pilot will be a federation of multicentre longitudinal cohort studies, demonstrating the safety, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of ODIN technologies for the enhancement of hospital safety, productivity and quality. Use-case protocols will be approved by the local hospital ethical committees, in order to assure the highest
quality of the study, while providing a pragmatic solution for the scaling-up of the ODIN technological solutions and business models in a variety of local ecosystems.




Our Chief Innovation Officer, Sergio Guillén, is the deputy coordinator at this European Project.

From MYSPHERA we are contributing to the ODIN project, providing new means to allow health services, medical applications, and hospital management, make a profit from any resource available to get their objective. Using a Digital Twin approach with FIHR support, the middleware connects IoT devices, medical staff and building resources, to a mesh of AI and management services using technologies such as ISTIO, stretching the microservice architecture, which ensures a scalable and adaptable approach for the incoming challenges

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