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    Scalable, easy to configure platform for healthcare organizations

    Our solutions focus on many of the key issues impacting healthcare organizations, such as maximum use of high value assets, timely and efficient patient care, and cost savings and revenue generation. The actionable data derived from our platform, including real time process information and data analysis are powerful and easy to use. We have developed an advanced IoT process management platform that provides operational states and promotes improvements in the planning of the healthcare organization processes, as well as an optimal utilization of resources and physical assets.

    From volume to value

    Traditionally, the healthcare industry has based its measurements in volume, such as number of attendances or surgeries. This paradigm forces healthcare professionals to spend a great deal of time and effort on a wide range of ‘administrative’ processes that do not add any value to patient care.
    The Healthcare industry is moving to a value-based model that delivers the best value to patients.
    It is time for the staff to completely focus on patients and spend as little time as possible in front of a computer.

    MYSPHERA’s aim is to automate all tasks that keep staff away from patient-focused actions and help healthcare organizations to reach the quadruple aim:


    How It Works


    1. EHR integration

    We are able to integrate our platform with any EHR that a hospital is using, making it possible for our applications to communicate with these systems in real time, based on specific customer requirements.


    Our Hospital Process Manager platform is based on our proprietary Real Time Location System, which allows us to use instant location and traceability of patients and assets. Also, the platform is compatible with third-party Bluetooth sensors and devices like smartphones or tablets.


    We work side by side with our end-users to enable MYPSHERA to optimize each clinical process the hospital needs to manage. Every solution is developed using our customers and our own experience to ensure everyone involved is wholly satisfied with the results of the implementation. We don’t rest until you do!


    Our customers access our Hospital Process Manager platform from multiple devices, such as smartphones, tablets, PCs or TVs, but going beyond regular responsive applications as we explain in the multi-role section below.

    Let's highlight some benefits

    Highest ROI in the market

    Time savings for staff

    Improved efficiency

    Improved safety

    Cost savings

    Increased patient and family satisfaction

    Reduced waiting lists

    Increased staff satisfaction

    Multi-role Access

    Within a hospital there are very different work methodologies. For example, a manager may work from his office most of the time, while porters and nurses are in continuous movement.
    We have taken this into account so that hospital staff uses our platform in the most comfortable and least disruptive way possible

    For example, managers access the platform through a desktop application where they immediately obtain the information and utilities that are relevant to their role, while porters access through smartphones, and nurses can check TV dashboards.