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    Missions València 2030, the strategy to become the European Capital of Innovation

    The city has become the only Spanish candidate to reach the final – 12 are the European capitals competing for the award given by the European Union within its Horizon 2021-27 program.

    Reducing 90% of plastics and micro-plastics on beaches, eliminating 50% of child obesity, improving the quality of life of the elderly and promoting active ageing, recovering the quality of the water of the Albufera to 1960 levels,…these are some of the challenges, or missions, that Valencia has set itself in its strategy to become the European Capital of Innovation.
    Missions València 2030 is the campaign presented last June by the Innovation Delegation of Valencia City Council and Las Naves innovation centre, which has managed to place the capital city as one of the twelve finalists. 12 cities among which are capitals such as Milan (Italy), Reykjavik (Iceland), Vienna (Austria), Cluj-Napoca (Romania), Espoo (Finland), Ghent (Belgium), Groningen (Netherlands), Helsingborg (Sweden), Leeuwarden (Netherlands), Leuven (Belgium) and Linz (Austria).
    With MissionsVLC2030, Valencia continues and gives a name to the transformation that the city has been undergoing for some years now. Through these « missions », which include a multitude of disciplines, it seeks to achieve a common objective for all of society: to improve people’s lives and to achieve a healthier, more sustainable, shared and entrepreneurial space.
    More Information about MissionsVLC2030
    It won’t be until the end of September, during the European Days of Research and Innovation to be held from 22 to 24 September, that it will be revealed whether Valencia will finally be awarded with the title, which also comes with a prize of 1,000,000 euros to support and improve its innovation activities.
    For the moment, what Valencia has achieved is to become an international reference point with the Valencia World Centre for Sustainable Urban Food of the FAO, to be the holder of four World Heritage Sites, to become the World Design Capital in 2022 and to have achieved an innovative and technological ecosystem with exponential growth. A development to which MYSPHERA has proudly contributed.

    Mysphera, a support for the innovation search in Valencia

    From its origin, MYSPHERA was born with the premise that digitalization and innovation are key to the growth of society. For this reason, we are part of many projects supported by the European Union, which fight precisely for the same principles that guide MissionsVLC2030. In fact, challenges such as the reduction of child obesity or the support and encouragement of active ageing are issues that are currently being addressed in active projects ( / ) shared with various institutions, including Las Naves.

    By: Mireya Lázaro