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    Executive summary
    The control and management of intrahospital infections has been revealed as a big challenge during the COVID-19 crisis. The management is not a new problem, not either will disappear in the future, but nowadays is evident the necessity of finding solutions for infection mitigation originated by direct or indirect contact between professional, patients and medical devices.


    Indoor traceability and location technologies of people or devices are a solution for helping infection control managers for detecting, analyzing and managing the contagion chains. This project will develop a technology that will provide reliable information, when individuals of a hospital will become infected, about to whom, where and when the person has been in contact with. The objectives are:
    ▶ Provide information about patients and professionals to whom a professional with an infectious disease has been in contact.


    ▶ Provide information about patients and professionals to whom a patient with an infectious disease has been in contact.


    The project will be developed in two phases. Firs one will develop, deploy and pilot the use of a smartphone app for professionals connected to wearables tags for patients and equipment. This first phase will be deployed very fast (three months) with the objective of being fully operative and used in the management of the current crisis and a second phase where will be developed the complete set of foreseen features.


    17/01/2022 ORVital

    ORvital: Transforming a tool into a solution

    When it comes to acquiring technology to improve healthcare, we must stop asking ourselves what tools we need and think directly about the problems we want to tackle and the results we expect.   The pandemic, despite all the negative effects it has had on all areas, especially hospitals, has given a boost to the …

    17/01/2022 ORVital

    Hospital Vall D’Hebron and MYSPHERA case of success in AUTELSI’s Digital Health Report

    The success story in the media: The media interempresas echoes the success story of Vall D’Hebron and MYSPHERA.   Last December, the Spanish Association of Telecommunications and Information Society Users (AUTELSI) launched the report Digital Health: Use cases. A document in which is collected as a case of the success of the transformation of the …

    31/08/2021 ORVital

    Beyond RTLS: The 5 key elements for a completely improved Surgical Block

    The healthcare system has proven to be, even more so, a key sector for society. A sector whose improvement not only benefits healthcare professionals, but also has an impact on the quality of care and, therefore, benefits the entire population in general.   Indeed, one of the most complex, but at the same time most …

    29/08/2021 ORVital

    Orchestration of the surgical process: What it is and how it can boost patient flow

    Since our foundation in 2012, we have focused on developing systems and solutions that help transform healthcare towards digitalization. A digitalization whose sole purpose is to improve both the work of medical professionals and the care received by patients. It is simply applying the technology we already have at our disposal to create a healthcare …

    29/06/2021 ORVital

    ‘VBHC Thinkers Magazine’ publishes our article about our IoT-RTLS Solution ORvital

    The VBHC awards magazine published in its latest issue the article written by our UK Country Manager and colleague, Jordi Rovira, about the ORvital solution.   Digital transformation has become a reality in 90% of the ecosystems that move society. However, not all have embraced this transition with the same speed and adaptability and, healthcare …

    31/05/2021 ORVital

    Healthcare digitalisation, what is the current state of technological transformation in the Spanish National Health System?

    After more than a year living with a global pandemic, if there is one clear lesson to be learned, it is that society has evolved. A social, economic, and political paradigm change in which technology has played a key role. In the most complicated situations, technology became an element that has kept us united, become …

    21/05/2021 ORVital

    Vall d’Hebron Hospital becomes a case study for MYSPHERA’S Patient Flow Solution

    A recent study carried out for the European Economic and Social Committee under the topic “How the Digital Transformation can put humans at the centreof robotics and automation” highlights the OR4.0 project, subsequently named the ORvital solution.   Digital Transformation is a reality, notwithstanding the fact some fields or wards have been much easier to …

    17/05/2021 ORVital

    70% of non-essential surgeries cancelled after one year of pandemic in Spain

      Sources: Las Provincias / La Vanguardia / El confidencial   With vaccines already underway, but with COVID-19 still present in many hospitals, some of the most worrisome data from the pandemic are beginning to emerge; since in addition to the direct victims, the collateral effect is evident in many patients whose non-essential surgeries have …

    22/04/2021 ORVital

    More than 45,000 trauma surgeries cancelled in Spain in the wake of the pandemic

    According to the latest data published by the Traumatology sector of the Spanish Federation of Healthcare Technology Companies (Fenin), more than 45,000 scheduled trauma surgeries were not performed in Spain in 2020.   With the latest information on waiting lists referring to June 2020, the data for subsequent months and 2021 are not expected to …

    29/03/2021 ORVital

    Big Data & IT, two pending points in Healthcare

    “The pandemic has shown that data management is fundamental… and we were not prepared,” says Juan Luis Cruz Bermúdez, CIO of the Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre, in an interview with ComputerWorld.   COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the healthcare system. Not only has it overcome medical professionals and resources, but it has …

    02/03/2021 ORVital

    Enhancing Patient Flow: A major milestone in the digital health evolution

    Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs) are part of our daily lives, but they are still a pending subject in areas as important as healthcare. However, the obstacles we are currently facing are pushing for a real change and digitalization that has begun to be a tool that must be taken into account in decision-making and …

    19/02/2021 ORVital

    Reducing waiting lists: A priority challenge for the Healthcare System

    The latest data published by the Ministry of Health in Spain showed record-breaking figures for surgical delays, with an average waiting time of 170 days. These statistics were presented last November which corresponded to June of the same year, at a time when our health system had not even begun to face the third wave. …

    01/02/2021 ORVital

    NHS England Waiting List hits a record with 4.46 million patients in need of hospital treatment

    Article written by Mireya Lázaro and Carlos Domingo S.   ▸ NHS England figures show that the number of people having to wait more than 52 weeks to start hospital treatment in England stood at 192,169 in November 2020 – the highest number for any calendar month since May 2008.   ▸ Professor Neil Mortensen, …

    18/12/2020 ORVital

    The impact of Lean Healthcare methodology on the health system

    Our health system faces two challenges, which have become even greater during the pandemic: efficiency and sustainability. Resources are often limited, so the goal is to achieve more with less. This is precisely the basic principle behind the LEAN methodology and its application in the health system, the so-called Lean Healthcare system, whose main focus …

    17/12/2020 ORVital

    ORvital: Tracing the path back to normality in hospitals

    With only three months to go until our first year of living with the pandemic, hospitals continue to be our main defence against the COVID-19. The virus has put all the centres in trouble, not only in the country but also in the world, leading them to maximize the security and containment protocols.     …

    14/12/2020 ORVital

    MYSPHERA launches its surgical programmer to combat waiting lists

    The pandemic has increased the numbers of patients waiting for surgery, as well as the waiting time for these operations. An unsustainable situation that can now be reversed thanks to MYSPHERA’s surgical programmer, created in collaboration with the Virgen del Rocío Hospital and the University of Seville.   The mere existence of waiting lists in …

    03/12/2020 ORVital

    The importance of controlling and managing ICU beds effectively

    Within hospital facilities, in addition to human capital being fundamental, having the necessary equipment to treat patients adequately is vital. However, it is very difficult to predict the flow of patients that may enter the Emergency Department in a week or even a day; the variety of diagnoses that may be made and the treatment …

    13/11/2020 ORVital

    MYSPHERA will present the ORVital solution at the EHMA’s 2020

    MYSPHERA has been selected to present its new ORVital solution at the European Health Management Association Congress, EHMA’s 2020, in its 25th annual European conference on health management. This year the venue is taking place digitally through the lens of Rotterdam on 17-19 November 2020. The theme is “Health Management: realigning systems, contexts and players”. …

    28/09/2020 ORVital

    MYSPHERA is awarded with the ”Best Innovation 2020” prize by the European Healthcare Design Congress

    MYSPHERA’s ORVital solution is recognised by the European Healthcare Design Congress with the award for best innovation 2020. This award, apart from recognizing the platform’s merits, is a recognition, on the one hand, for the Vall d’Hebron University Hospital in Barcelona as one of the first centres to promote innovation and to commit to the …

    15/07/2020 ORVital

    ORVital shortlisted as the best healthcare innovation in 2020

    OR4.0 has a new market name, ORVital. Our new solution has been shortlisted by the next European Healthcare Design Awards as the best “Design Innovation for Quality Improvement” solution.     The process of transformation spurred by our new solution ORVital started by following a co-creation approach with all the key stakeholders in the surgical …

    13/07/2020 ORVital

    The “new normal” of waiting lists: Waiting time could be tripled after COVID-19

    Having left behind the state of alarm and the different phases of de-escalation, Spain is gradually entering the so-called ‘new normality’. A normality marked by masks, hand hygiene, social distance and, above all, the consequences left by the pandemic. Consequences that affect all social spheres, but which have been especially severe in the health sector …

    08/07/2020 ORVital

    ORVital 4.0 & the Crisis and Post-crisis Management

    Today most countries in Europe are recovering from the terrible period of COVID-19 crisis. After these tense and uncertain weeks marked by the pandemic and constant emergency, we are coming back to some degrees of the ancient normality. However, it is obvious for everybody that things will never be the same.   After the feeling …

    08/07/2020 ORVital

    Crisis and Post-crisis Management in HPSJ by means of ORVital 4.0

    1. Global presentation of the solution   The ORVital4.0 solution is a digital platform which makes it possible to manage and supervise in real time the different hospital flows (patients, equipment, materials, rooms, messages and tasks) and to ensure their traceability. To achieve this objective, it relies, among other technologies, on the wireless and contactless …

    23/06/2020 ORVital

    MYSPHERA invited at EHMA’s conference 2020

    MYSPHERA introduced the Operating Room 4.0 project (OR4.0) in the last edition of the European Healthcare Management Association (EHMA) Conference in 2019 in Finland raising the awareness about the profound transformation this solution is exerting in several hospitals. This year, the EHMA has accepted an abstract and invited MYSPHERA to present the final results.   …

    26/05/2020 ORVital

    GREEN OR4.0, heading to the green cognitive surgical area

    In high-income countries, the carbon footprint of health-care systems has been estimated to be 3–10% of the total national greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions1. A recent report revealed that the NHS produces 5.4% of the UK’s GHG emissions. This represents 25% of total public sector emissions, equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions of 11 coal-fired power …

    07/04/2020 ORVital

    The Post-Pandemic Healthcare Challenge: Restoring Normal Medical Processes

    The collapse of the health system and its effects on medical care   Since its spreading through Spain, the COVID-19 has not only confined citizens due to an unprecedented state of emergency in the country, but has also pushed many health centres to the limits of their resources.   The pandemic causes a large number …

    15/07/2019 ORVital

    MYSPHERA introduces its IoT solution for surgical processes in China

    The Jiangsu region is a foundational part of China, and Nanjing, one of its most avant-garde capitals, not only in the region but also at the national level. With more than eight million inhabitants, the city is committing to innovation by strategically projecting different universities and research centres throughout the city in cutting-edge technological areas …

    21/03/2019 ORVital

    What is OR4.0 project?

    OR4.0 is a software tool that takes the information provided by the RTLS network in order to run any surgical process in an adaptable workflow software platform. This tool provides specific digital applications for all the different players participating in the surgical process, which includes OR managers, anaesthesiologists, nurses in the pre- and post-operative phase, …