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    Executive summary
    The control and management of intrahospital infections has been revealed as a big challenge during the COVID-19 crisis. The management is not a new problem, not either will disappear in the future, but nowadays is evident the necessity of finding solutions for infection mitigation originated by direct or indirect contact between professional, patients and medical devices.


    Indoor traceability and location technologies of people or devices are a solution for helping infection control managers for detecting, analyzing and managing the contagion chains. This project will develop a technology that will provide reliable information, when individuals of a hospital will become infected, about to whom, where and when the person has been in contact with. The objectives are:
    ▶ Provide information about patients and professionals to whom a professional with an infectious disease has been in contact.


    ▶ Provide information about patients and professionals to whom a patient with an infectious disease has been in contact.


    The project will be developed in two phases. Firs one will develop, deploy and pilot the use of a smartphone app for professionals connected to wearables tags for patients and equipment. This first phase will be deployed very fast (three months) with the objective of being fully operative and used in the management of the current crisis and a second phase where will be developed the complete set of foreseen features.


    07/04/2021 MYSPHERA

    Reach a capacity increase to achieve 85% Pre-Covid Efficiency Levels

    According to The Kings Fund, Covid-19 is the greatest challenge that the health and care system have faced in living memory, so it is essential that the lessons learned from this experience, either from the rapid progress made in digitization and transformation the provision of services, the extraordinary contributions of millions of employees and volunteers, …

    22/03/2021 MYSPHERA

    University Hospital of Valme in Seville is committed to improving the efficiency of its surgical block by implementing MYSPHERA’s solution

    The automatic, intelligent and multipurpose platform that combines IoT-RTLS technology to improve patient safety and efficiency in the Surgical Block through real-time location and visualization of surgical patient-flow   Throughout February, the University Hospital Virgen de Valme in Sevillecompleted the implementation of the patient identification, location and traceability system on the surgical block. Providing two …

    12/03/2021 MYSPHERA

    Keeping family members informed: Essential to healthcare quality evolution

    Technology eases care workloads so that professionals can improve their interaction with patients and families.   Empathy, understanding, feeling that you have some sort of control, or information about what is going on behind the hospital doors when you have a family member inside, is essential for many people who feel vulnerable in those moments …

    12/02/2021 MYSPHERA

    Healthcare Beyond Pandemic: The challenge of face collateral damage

    SARS-COV-2 is not the first virus to havoc the world’s population, but it’s the first pandemic of the 21st-century and, as such, history has proven that fundamental changes in society have always followed catastrophe. In this understanding, one of the areas has shown the most urgent need for immediate and medium-term transformation in healthcare systems. …

    04/01/2021 MYSPHERA

    The health challenges for 2021

    There is no doubt that 2020 will always be linked to the irruption of COVID-19. The world’s population has had to face up to the first major pandemic of the 21st century whose impact, at all levels, has been devastating. In fact, this crisis has highlighted how fundamental a sector such as health is to …

    22/09/2020 MYSPHERA

    The Spanish health system fails in the digital transformation

    If there is one fact that has been highlighted by the pandemic, it is the lack of digitisation of the health sector. Overnight, hospitals and primary care centres had to adapt to be able to care for patients as remotely as possible, with all the drawbacks that this entailed in not being prepared for it. …

    14/09/2020 MYSPHERA

    EMR 4.0: The digital transformation of the Emergency Department with RTLS

    The unexpected arrival of the COVID-19 has brought many changes and obstacles to life as we knew it. In fact, one of the areas that has been most affected by the virus and where it has caused the most chaos is in the health area. The consequences are diverse and numerous: overloading of the system, …

    12/05/2020 MYSPHERA

    Florence Nightingale, “the lady with the lamp” pioneer of the Big Data in Health Care

    Italian by birth, but raised in England, Florence Nightingale not only revolutionized the nursing profession, but also statistics applied to healthcare; therefore establishing the foundations of Big Data.     On May 12, several important events are commemorated, such as World Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Day and International Nurses Day. It is precisely the …

    27/03/2020 MYSPHERA

    Digitalization is at the leading edge of the fight against the pandemic

    Since the December outbreak in China of the new strain of coronavirus, that causes the disease called COVID-19, a global pandemic has ensued. Health systems around the world, especially in European countries such as Italy and Spain, are suffering an unprecedented situation.   A lack of specific treatment in connection with the high rate of …

    10/03/2020 MYSPHERA

    The effectiveness of patient traceability in reducing the risk of disease outbreaks

    In the event of health risk situations as emerging pandemics or the spread of infectious diseases, such as the current COVID-19, one of the safety and prevention method implemented by health organisations is to determine the traceability of the patients affected. “The traceability of a patient is the identification of every person who have been …

    05/03/2020 MYSPHERA

    More than 200,000 patients used MYSPHERA during 2019

    In 2019, MYSPHERA established itself as a leading digital health company in Europe and a pioneer in the use of IoT (Internet of Things) technology for healthcare organizations worldwide, reaping the benefits of many years of work and effort in the sector. MYSPHERA technology has been proven to increase efficiency in hospitals through process improvement, …

    28/10/2019 MYSPHERA

    Transforming health management: Vall d’Hebron hospital

    1. A new management model October 8th, 2019, Dr. Juan Antonio Hueto gave a lecture in the city of Manchester in which he explained the keys for a hospital to transform its traditional management model to one that applies the LEAN philosophy; a model that places the patient in the center of hospital processes. To …

    12/07/2019 MYSPHERA

    IV ASD Meeting: Health industry leaders present 6 success stories

    Faced with the new challenge of the digital revolution in the health sector, this year’s event has focused on learning how firms in the health sector have successfully developed and applied technological solutions of high complexity, but with visible results for health systems. Those responsible for presenting these success stories were: CTIC Technology Center. Jimena …

    05/07/2019 Sin categoría

    ComputerWorld: The benefits of location and traceability of patients in hospitals

    Computerworld has launched a video dedicated to the HealthIT2019 event, which took place at the new and highly technological Fraternidad-Muprespa Habana in Madrid. The event focused on the pillars of health care in the digital era, and MYSPHERA had great relevance through Salvador Vera, CEO of the company, who presented the new IoT solution for …

    25/06/2019 MYSPHERA

    The spanish TV show “Emprende RTVE” interviews Salvador Vera

    Last Thursday, “Emprende RTVE” based their new episode on the Internet of Things applied to healthcare systems, where Salvador Vera, CEO of MYSPHERA, explained their information service to patient relatives: “Right now, the only information that patient relatives obtain throughout the surgical process is that their loved one has entered a Black Box, which is …

    19/06/2019 MYSPHERA

    Patient relatives in Valencia will be informed in real time

    Valencia Ministry of Healthcare just approved the deployment of an app, deployed by MYSPHERA, that allows patient relatives to know the status of their loved ones during the surgical process in real time. When a patient starts the surgical process, the hospital gives her an information sheet with a personal identification code and the explanation …

    18/02/2019 MYSPHERA

    MYSPHERA successfully launches its Surgical Process Automation solution in the United States.

    The company made the international launch of its new technological solution at the HIMSS19 event held in Florida, the most important in the sector worldwide and attended by more than 45,000 people each year. The revolutionary MYSPHERA solution consists of an IoT platform that automatically manages the tasks of the surgical process, significantly increasing the …

    07/02/2019 MYSPHERA

    A new traceability system for San Pedro Hospital in Spain

    La Rioja public system has started the deployment of a new digital traceability service, developed by MYSPHERA, that aims to increase patient safety, keep informed patient relatives and increase the efficiency in the operating rooms. The Health Director of the region, María Martín, explained that “it is a location system that provides us with information …

    09/10/2018 MYSPHERA

    MYSPHERA Secures €2.5 Million Financing Round from Swanlaab, Banco Sabadell and Aliad

    The leading IoT healthcare solutions company will continue with its strategic growth plan and will undertake an ambitious international expansion The international award-winning company has revolutionized the healthcare technology space   Madrid, 9 October 2018.- MYSPHERA, a company focused on transforming healthcare systems through visibility and optimization of healthcare processes with IoT solutions, has closed …

    21/09/2018 MYSPHERA

    MYSPHERA is the Best Success Case in the BPM2018 Awards

    Universitat Politècnica de València and the company Mysphera have received the “Best success case 2018” award at the 2018 BPM Conference, one of the most important events in the world on business processes. The award recognizes the “revolutionary model” proposed by both entities for the management of health processes. Her success story is based on …

    21/02/2018 MYSPHERA


    MYSPHERA has completed the deployment of its IoT Platform for Vall d’Hebron Hospital, with the aim of improving patient safety and the efficiency of surgical flows in the Surgical Block through real-time localization and management of the processes. When a patient enters the Surgical Block, a wristband is placed that allows him to be identified …

    27/11/2016 MYSPHERA


    The new Identification, Location and Traceability system in real time of people and assets success reducing loss of equipment by 95% and waiting times by 18% The system improves processes efficiency of all hospital areas, optimizes control and management of staff and assets and increases patient safety avoiding identification errors Telefónica and MYSPHERA are trying …

    15/11/2016 MYSPHERA


    UPV and MYSPHERA researchers have developped new ways to, among other benefits, advice healthcare professionals to take the best choice for a patient and maximize surgical area occupation. UPV researchers are focused on representing workflows graphicly and treating massive information (Big Data) using patterns and processes techniques. With this techniques it is able to recommend …

    09/06/2016 MYSPHERA


    Lleida Hospital is the first one using patient traceability in an EMR in Catalonia. In order to do so, MYSPHERA has developed a technological system specialized in EMR management. Ever since the Hospital implanted this platform, hospital staff have a more clinical safety in patient treatment and are saving time. They can also analize processes …