Road to Lean

1. Design

We will work with you to understand each process and detect how we can improve them.

We will then define workflows and study locations and technology integration.

We always adapt the solutions to the functional and specific needs of each hospital.

2. Deployment

We will install the infrastructure with its correct configuration and integration based on what was defined during the design.

Finally, we will deploy the solution in the different environments.

3. Validation

We will thoroughly test and validate the functioning of the solution to ensure the defined workflows and expected results.

4. Training

Change requires learning and experience.

We will ensure that everyone involved knows how to get the most out of the solution.

5. Launch

We will launch the solution and we will be very aware of its functioning and use, especially during the first months of the project.

6. Support

We will continue to be there to maintain and improve the system.

We will never stop being very aware of the functioning, also holding regular meetings to maintain the adaptability of the solution in case there are changes in the hospital processes.